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File Transfer Instructions
Medibase uses the Serv-U File Server from Rhino Software to transfer files to and from our clients. Transfers are fully encryped and secure. Please contact Medibase if there are any difficulties.
Step 1: Initiate Transfer Files Service
Step 2: Once the Serv-U service starts, Enter the user id and password provided by Medibase
FTP Help
Step 3: Acknowledge access to the Medibase FTP Site
FTP Help
Step 4: Select Web Client as the Client Option
Step 5: Navigate to Appropriate Folder
FilesToMedibase - Client Files to Medibase
FilesFromMedibase - Medibase Files to Client
Step 6a: To Upload a File to Medibase
Navigate to the FilesToMedibase Folder
Click on the Upload button
Step 6b: Specify the File to be Uploaded
Step 7a: To Download a File from Medibase
Click on desired file or folder
Click on the Download button
Step 7b: Save to Workstation
Click on the Save button
Specify the Save Location

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