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Retiring Systems

Retiring Systems
- Archiving Support: † An affordable alternative to maintaining critical data long after applications are replaced. All data from the retired system is off-loaded into predefined tables in a SQL database located on dedicated servers residing at the corporate colocation.† Designed with the highest industry standards, the colocation utilizes 24x7 monitoring, AC/DC power distribution, uninterruptible power supplies, backup generators, physical security and redundant fiber connections to major carriers.

- Retrieval Support: Access to retired data is made available to authorized users via our BASErecoverô web-based portal.

- Collection Support: †Hospital staff can continue collection efforts on all retired accounts receivables. Pre-defined interfaces will continue to communicate with G/L systems, bank lock boxes, collection agencies, letter/statement printing companies and others as required.† The BASErecoverô portal also provides the ability to post payments, adjustments, memos and request refunds. Standard reports and extracts can be produced to comply with any government agency requirements.

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